All the Sprinkles!

My mom’s birthday was in October. I told her that I was going to bake her a cake, but between work, everyone’s schedules, and this little thing I did that took over my life, it kept getting pushed back.

Eventually, we got to Hanukkah and I still hadn’t made my mom’s birthday cake, so we decided that we’d have birthday cake for dessert at our Hanukkah party and the matter was settled.

I actually knew what type of cake I was going to make for my mom for most of the year. Early in 2017, I got the Milk Bar book by Christina Tosi. If you live in a city that has a Milk Bar (NYC, Toronto, DC, Vegas) and have never been to Milk Bar, get thee to Milk Bar now! After I tried a few things and realized how amazingly delicious all of their treats are, I had to try them out.

It just so happens that my mom loves that classic white birthday cake with sprinkles, and so making Milk Bar’s birthday cake was a must!


If you want to give it a try yourself, they’ve posted the recipe online (but you really should buy the book!).

It came out great, and was unbelievably delicious. At first I wondered why the instructions had the cake being made so small (6″), but after having a few bites, it’s obvious. This thing is dense, rich and sweet. It’s birthday cake concentrate. It’s SO. GOOD.

Tosi’s recipes are not traditional and they’re not made traditionally. I was very skeptical of using glucose, citric acid, and vegetable shortening, and the clear artificial vanilla instead of the good natural kind. But she knows her stuff, and finding her odd ingredients (most are available at Bulk Barn, surprisingly, and those that aren’t are on Amazon) is definitely worthwhile.

There are a fair number of steps to this recipe, and it’s far from the easiest cake recipe you’ll make, but trust me, it’s worth it. If you’re looking for a baking challenge (and you have a sweet tooth), give it a try!


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